Stand fast my heart, you beat too fast and turn the world too quick beneath my feet. My body shudders with thoughts of sex, my mind exhaling thoughtless breath for things I do not have and more I long to feel. I cannot live my life this way.
So stand fast my heart and beat less fast, be calmed by a cooling breeze and far less frenzied thoughts, or I shall fade away from want. Instead let wanting fade away.

Becalm me on a boundless sea surrounded by a world to see the endless bounds of all that’s real. Don’t reel me in with frenzied bait, images of a perfect mate, excuses that I come to late to sate such lustful longings and sink into a distressed state, my heart escaping from my chest.

Be still my heart and clear my mind and he that could be, will be found. And if he’s not after longs years passed trailing on a pointless path pursuing an impossible task, then I will cross my heart at last and retire into my bed. There I shall remain dangling on a frenzied bait, my body shuddering with lust I cannot sate and will my fast beating heart to come again amid a rapid turning world until I at last become late.