Writing Research - Killing your character convincingly

Killing Your Character Convincingly

For me research is the fun bit before a story takes proper shape and has, on occasion, given me confidence to write outside my own experience. It’s taken me to places I will never go in reality – Praise be to Google.

Killing  your character convincingly is all about dying and fatal diseases. A series of short articles to explain the what, where, how, why’s and when’s should you ever feel the desire to kill off a character and don’t necessarily want to make it quick and easy.

Killing your character convincingly – Stroke

Killing your character convincingly – Stroke

You have created a character and breathed life into them in the pages of a story. Now you need to kill them off and have chosen  stroke, but how do you make it realistic? What is it, how and what happens? How, why and when would your character die? What changes, if...