It is a nice day; one of those days when even the cab drivers are apt to smile and a guy can traverse the sidewalks of the Apple, and feel good because the sun is shining and the citizens are not depressed beyond the normal. I am minding my own business on my way to do this and that because a guy has to earn a crust, when I spy Tommy Two Toes alighting out of a cab and by the look on his visage seeming to be less than appreciative of the unexpected fine weather.

I am curious because I know Tommy Two Toes is a guy of fair means, and even temperament come to that, and is not normally seen using transport other citizens use when he’s got a perfectly decent tin can of his own. And I know for a fact that his ever lovin’ wife would not have seconded said tin can for some dame related activity because Tommy Two Toes, despite his even temperament, would be seriously put out should she accidently break it and put his foot down firm against any notion she might have about learning to drive.