I say nothing, it not being wise to comment on family matters.

Done with chinning, Tommy Two Toes checks his watch, passes me what might have been a smile had his demeanour not been so inclement and we part company.

I hear no more of Tommy Two Toes until a couple of weeks later when I have nothing better to do than swill corn around a glass in a local dive and listen to gossip among the usual collection of punks, boobs, boozehounds and broads (who may or may not turn out to be pro skirts as the evening progresses) dipping the bill and getting slowly smoked. Listening to gossip is vital for a guy wishing to stay ahead of the game as the trade in this and that can be fierce and citizens under the influence are apt to flap their jaws on matters business, personal and judicial with gay abandon. Such establishments are often frequented by Newshawk’s and off duty John Laws and many an unwitting, injuriously smoked, jingle brained citizen has unintentionally turned stool pigeon with calamitous results.