A meat wagon arrives and, during the course of his ministrations, the croaker sticks his snoot in Great Aunt Agatha’s visage and smells almonds and one of the more observant waiters fingers Tommy Two Toes for the deed. Already possibly implicated in the bumping off of a couple of miscreants, Tommy Two Toes is charged with definitely causing the demise of Great Aunt Agatha and causing an affray at his own wedding anniversary shindig to boot.

At this point the cow eyed member of the Two Toes clan is thoroughly smoked and terminally morose. I sidle closer to hear better sure that no one, much less the intoxicated Two Toes relative will pay me no heed.

From what I can hear given the breaks in the chinning as the Two Toes relative has taken to sobbing periodically, for reasons best known to the judiciary and possibly Sammy Spark, second cousin once removed, whose luck it seems extends to possibly putting the lean on judicial process, Tommy Two Toes finds himself being ferried out to a cooler on the outskirts of the Apple in the back of a van before he has time to consider the irony of it all. And as luck would have it, the van in which Tommy Two Toes is no doubt pondering deeply, is hit most severely by a truck that does not have the courtesy to stop. As a result Tommy Two Toes goes to meet his maker far sooner than anticipated, no doubt repenting most earnestly for his sins.