So, for a guy of such moral fortitude, it is a matter of great worry to discover your ever lovin’ wife is not so lovin’ and goes often for a rest with another guy. Much more so when the other guy turns out to be lousy with scratch and to boot is non-other than Sammy Spark, second cousin once removed. As he relates this Tommy Two Toes falls into such a state of irreconcilable despondency I call the Jane to bring more joe and warm it up with a shot of corn. And with a fervent wish to turn the subject away from injurious matters, I enquire again after the sudden imperative to use transport other citizens use because I am still none the wiser. At this point Tommy shuffles in his seat and gives me such a hangdog look I seriously regret giving vent to my curiosity and consider if it would be better just to leave the guy to his obvious misery. However, I don’t because my curiosity is roused and I’m currently down on this deal by the price of a couple of cups of joe and the unrealised value of the this and that I’ve put aside for the duration.