It transpires that Tommy Two Toes has business to which he needs to attend, the details of which I purposefully don’t enquire after because it does a guy no good to know too much. So I enquire after his lack of independent transport, to which he exhibits such an uncommon turn of despondency I decide it would be churlish not to encourage the guy to take a moment out of the day to discuss the matter. Tommy Two Toes takes a moment to decide if he can make the time and with him looking a little less despondent by the prospect, we adjourn to a nearby coffee house called Frankie’s.

Maybe it is the time of day and Frankie’s being uncommonly uninhabited, or because the Jane taking the order is deliberately over friendly toward Tommy Two Toes causing him to scowl in a most inhospitable manner, but he is suddenly more than willing to chin and my curiosity being roused, I put aside my this and that’s and sit and listen.