Now, it’s a much enforced law, often with extreme prejudice, that any self- respecting guy doesn’t mess with another’s dame much less their ever lovin’ wife, even if the dame or ever lovin’ wife finds the prospect quite appealing. However, it transpires that Mrs Tommy Two Toes, who is by no means hard on the eyes and has very little to complain about because it’s a well circulated knowledge that Tommy Two Toes is apt, with the exception of driving lessons, to be extremely generous toward her, has become inexplicably enamoured with another. Tommy Two Toes tells me, with no small measure of chagrin that he knows this to be true due to the fact that he hires a Shamus to spy on her.

As I have aforesaid, Tommy Two Toes is a guy of fair means and can afford such things as hiring a Shamus to spy on his ever lovin’ wife, but he is also a guy of moral fortitude and has on occasion been known to attend church without being forced by circumstance. During the time his business on the East side is run as a Drum due to the unfortunate restrictions of Prohibition, he spends many a Sunday repenting for his sins. But scratch is scratch and no guy can ever think badly of another for how they come by it, and I am sure the Almighty is equally forgiving, at least that is what you are drawn to inform a guy who worries about such things. Anyhow, these days Prohibition is not so problematic and Tommy Two Toes now turns his repenting to the goings on the first floor of his once Drum now legit gambling establishment, where many a Jane with very loose morals go to rest and takes a guy along for the company for five spots a go, some of which naturally goes to Tommy Two Toes by way of room rent. It is, by all accounts, very popular with the citizens and Tommy Two Toes is known to indulge in a great deal of repenting in between counting his scratch.