The unfortunate hit guys somehow end up outside on the tarmac, most probably seriously disorientated and bruised and Sammy Spark, second cousin once removed is able to pick them off with the john roscoe he always keeps at hand, no bother. With no one around to witness what happened, Sammy Spark, second cousin once removed long gone and Tommy Two Toes sitting pretty on a convenient alibi, the Gendarmes impound the car, clear away the stiffs and sit on the available evidence until they figure out who has done what to whom.

Tommy Two Toes , now seriously perturbed, carries on the chinning paying little heed to whether I am listening or not.

“It is my wedding anniversary next week” he says peering into his coffee cup, sunk so low in his seat I consider the possibility he has shrunk without me noticing. “I am throwing a shindig,” he goes on twirling a teaspoon round the dregs, “and I am inviting everyone, “he concludes. “Everyone,” he repeats staring me straight in the eye. “Especially second cousins once removed… Only some guests are going to find themselves permanently horizontal when they leave. ”