Joan of Arc

Perhaps the most romanticised figure of the 100 Years War was Joan of Arc. After inspiring the French to defeat the English at Orleans she was captured at the Siege of Paris by English allies. Then, because no one could come up with a more convincing reason to remove her from the warring equation, she was tried and executed as a heretic.

As for Normandy, well King John (Richard the Lion hearts bad brother of Robin Hood and Magna Carta fame) lost that in 1204. The English failed to get it back again despite occupying it for two periods in the 100 year’s war and wiping out two thirds of the population in the process.

Having gone through all of this the British dogged determination to stick our flag in someone else’s back yard didn’t wain. Henry VIII revitalised the dream of being King of France and got quite excited by the prospect of bagging a French wife, but only succeeded in almost bankrupting the country he did rule. Eventually in 1803 England gave up.