What see you love when you look at me? What drives your heart to stay?

I am flawed by life’s experience. More than I was, yet less than I could be, I have put up hard resistance ‘gainst the notion of true love and bitter fought for freedom for longer than I can say. It cannot be youth and beauty, for I am beset by age. My countenance is degraded by the ravages of time and I have long discarded notions that time can be denied. This form that stands before you is the definition of improvement belied.

What hear you love when I speak to you? What wills your ear to hear?

I am too in love with love of words and too fond of my own voice. For years I spoke to no one and the legacy it seems, is to forget that I’m in company and spread confusion in my wake. I am not always blessed by Queens true English and slide often into slang. My local colloquial is not easy to understand and when I do adopt true English I slip into business speak, or fly off on a literary diatribe as If I swallowed a dictionary.

What think you love when you lie by me? What compels your arms to embrace?

I am cast in the mould of a cynic and pour cold comfort on malaise. Hard love holds little truck with sympathy and I am well versed in its ways. I am not always blessed with patience, rarely blessed by grace. I career along life’s highway as if it’s a one entrant stock car race. I slumber like a marooned walrus and my exotic imagination is given to frenzied dreams. I am far less a partner, more a good intention, unintentionally misplaced.

Maybe it’s best that you don’t tell me. Best you don’t explain.

This world’s not meant for understanding and turns more sweetly on its axis if those upon it simply don’t. All I can give is true affection, be forever honest and accept that what we have the gift of providence; that it’s a miracle we ever met. We can tell each other stories of our unhappy previous lives. We can moan and groan and niggle from sun up until sundown, but there is nowhere that I’d rather be, with no other heart would I be bound.

So keep your thoughts to yourself my love. Just kiss me and stay schtum.

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