“It…It’s Christmas Jed, they’re just decorations.” She tried hard not to cry and let the weakness in her legs become an uncontrollable tremble in her voice. “…It’s just Christmas spirit.”

“Christmas spirit…” He was laughing, mocking, his mouth drawn back in skewed sneer. “If you knew what it was you wouldn’t invite it in. All your precious holly and candles and Yule logs you don’t know what any of it means – Well I do ‘cos I’ve seen it.” He pushed himself upright staggering under his own weight.

“Jed! “ She rushed toward him, instinctively reaching out forgetting she had ever feared him.
“It’s no good you trying to help me now. It’s too late.” He pivoted sharply swinging one arm as if it was a leaden weight, knocking her aside and grabbing at the chair arm with the other.