She felt herself running…
Her bare feet pounding the carpet through the door and out of the house as he wailed and thrashed somewhere behind her. Rushing headlong into a wall of darkness pierced by points of golden light, she ran still further to wide, still fields, cold and soft beneath her feet. Running with weightless strides not looking back and only vaguely aware that she could no longer hear his voice, it seemed that he and the world had been swallowed by the night.

Then she stopped running….
Standing in a dark wilderness below a black velvet canopy strewn with bright stars and a sliver grey moon, she gazed, mesmerised by a column of light. The angel’s wings made no sound as it descended. Finally reaching out a hand that she might take it, while shadows of the old world swarmed on the peripheries of the new. As she rose she looked back and saw the shadows move toward the town, drawn by the shining Christmas lights.