Travelogue, Northern France. History, Norman Conquest, Britains relationship with Medieval Normandy.

St Catherines Bay Honfluer shops and restaurants

Had I been hungrier we would have stopped for a plate dripping with seafood, but I have to admit that being offered fish and chips put me off (seriously!). In my opinion there is something fundamentally wrong with travelling to a foreign country famed for its gastronomy and finding restaurants advertising fish and chips in English. Or having the chef complete with hat on the Ferry offering to serve me some with a heavy French accent. It just seems so much worse when you discover that Honfleur and its fish and chips is the favourite weekend retreat for Parisians. There is a lot of disgruntled mumblings in France about the anglicisation of French everyday life and the French language. We certainly came across a fair bit of English, not only on menus but also in the supermarkets. I can’t say that I blame the French for being upset.