Travelogue, Northern France. History, Norman Conquest, Britains relationship with Medieval Normandy.

Allied force D Day landing at Swords Beach, including Piper Bill

I think back and imagine how it was, casting a grey veil over my vision and superimposing the black and white stills of soldiers in uniform and the noisome mayhem of a war beyond the reach of my lifetime.

WW2 has left an indelible mark on Normandy. Major towns such as Liseux and Falaise suffered devastating bomb damage, not to mention the trauma of German occupation.
Quite rightly the people of Normandy have invested as much in retaining the memory of this part of their history as their Medieval heritage. Lest we forget, means as much to the French as it does the English who make the pilgrimage to follow in the footsteps of their relations and py homage to the lost.