Move forward to WW2 and all this becomes irrelevant. When it comes to the crunch not even a language barrier can undermine the hard wired memory of an ancient alliance.

Travelogue, Northern France. History, Norman Conquest, Britains relationship with Medieval Normandy.

Swords Beach Normandy

Before the holiday was over we visited Swords beach, the site of the British and Canadian D Day landing forces. These days it’s just a beach. The sun sparks of the gently rolling tides and the peace is held by the distant misty grey of a blue, sun drenched early summer day. Standing in the shadow of the memorial to Piper Bill, a girl on a cycle rolls past me down the deserted promenade, the sea to her right and sea front homes on her right. I follow her, watching as she passes the collection of bright white surf board sails and the distant sound of voices.