Being fairly local Falaise was the town we gravitated toward when we felt the need for a drink or meal. It was also the place we first realised we had little reason to be smug about our bilingualism
‘Une Latte avec caramel, et une decaffeinated cappuccino sil vous plait’, we asked the bemused girl serving us in the Café Tabac and waving vaguely at the English words on the board on the wall advertising a variety of milk based coffee products.
‘Avec crème pour la the?’ the poor girl asked, trying to be helpful, surely feeling she was on pretty firm ground with the deux caffeine.
‘Non,’ I replied firmly with a self-assured smile.

Still, we hysterically chuckled our way through the black tea with caramel and a cappuccino strong enough to blow the top of your head off. We live and learn.